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Martyn's insights are very powerful. His ability to articulate complex psychological concepts is very impressive. A real expert. 
-- Mathew Barbagallo, Vice President Marketing


Vem är Martyn Newman?

Martyn Newman Ph.D, D.Psych. är en klinisk psykolog och företagspsykolog som är en av de mest kända och respekterade föredragshållare i branschen. Han har under mer än 15 år framgångsrikt inspirerat och fått människor att inse hur emotionell intelligens och ledarskap påverkar organisationer.

Han är författare till den internationellt bästsäljande boken Emotional Capitalists – The New Leaders och ECR (Emotional Capital Report), en världsnyhet för att mäta emotionell intelligens och ledarskapseffektivitet.

Why Martyn Newman?

For over 15 years, Martyn Newman has been helping organizations like Boeing, ExxonMobil, Royal Bank of Scotland, SEB, Quiksilver, Dubai International Finance Centre among many others to grow leaders at all levels.

His message is simple - to be successful in our personal and professional lives we need emotional intelligence (EQ). To be great leaders we need the skills to manage our emotions well and influence the emotions of other people toward positive outcomes. Martyn shows you how in a lively and entertaining form that combines a light touch with serious research based practices.

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"I've spent the last 20 years working as an executive coach with blue chip organizations in the UK, USA and Ireland and I wish I had come across this twenty years ago."
Dr Douglas B Young,  BPS
“Martyn is amazing! I have never listened to someone for hours and focusing on every single message + remembering it” “What a story teller!”
MARS,   New York
Martyn’s presentation style was engaging and easily digestible – it has certainly re‐motivated me to focus on my leadership style. 
Coutts Wealth Management,  UK
You presentation was excellent, evidenced by the number and calibre of questions from participants. Feedback from this session has been excellent. Thanks for lending your time and expertise. 
Peter Fitzgerald,  State Director, CEDA
Martin Newman was a terrific speaker and if the book is half as good as the talk then I'll very much enjoy reading it. As a newly arrived 50 year old I found that much of what he had to say rang bells with me
Digby Morgan Employee 
Martyn was an engaging and inspiring speaker who has reignited my passion and enthusiasm in this subject. My only regret is that an hour just wasn't long enough!
Jo Fryer,  Chaucer Syndicates
"For years, Martyn Newman has been an immense hidden resource of intelligence and clarity. He has been a powerful influence in shaping our understanding of organisational consultation, leadership and emotional intelligence"
Jim Urquhart PhD  Former Head, Graduate Business School, DIT
The speaker was top notch. I specialise in EI work hence my particular interest. It's rare that an academic bridges the communication gap so effectively. It was engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.
Philip Gimmack,  Wellness Insights Ltd
A captivating session delivered to an enraptured audience…the emotional capital concept as a basis for leadership and personal development captured the hearts and minds of our staff… 
Mary-Anne Gallagher,  HR, Monash University
"Martyn's insights are very powerful. His ability to articulate complex psychological concepts is very impressive. A real expert."
Mathew Barbagallo  Vice President Marketing, MARS, New York


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